More than just barns and sheds, Coopers are experts in building all manner of Living Spaces.

Habitable Buildings

Our Habitable buildings are designed and built to more exacting standards, talk to us about what is possible. Create your new home with Coopers making living spaces that you can grow a family in or retire comfortably in.

There are a number of ways we can contribute to your building project:

  1. We normally take responsibility for the external structure and its design.  For many clients, they want us to design, engineer and supply the external part of the building and they take care of the internal part of the design. We are happy to work with you to achieve the best result.
  2. If you have your own architectural designer who designs within the GreenWood structure, and will take care of the internal fit out and overall Design Certificate. Our design and engineer will complete the structural design (normally consisting of the external walls, roof and concrete pad).
  3. We have plans and options available for you to decide what kind of building you want.

We can also help with the consenting process through Council


We generally apply the most cost-effective option for you which can either be poles with timber framing in between or few, if any, poles with full timber framed walls.

Walls are normally made up as 140×45 framing

Aluminium Joinery

With our long-time business relationship with the Donovan Group we have access to great pricing for all aluminium joinery from NuLook franchises around NZ. Click on the link for details of the range available.

We have standard sizes of most types of windows and doors and look to incorporate these into our quotes and designs where possible which helps to further keep your costs low.


In summary, we focus on the building’s external envelope and the design and materials for this.  Our material’s list normally starts at the malthoid / DPC membrane under the bottom plate, and all items above this on the external envelope.  This includes window and doors.

If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch.  If you can send us a sketch floor plan and 4 elevations to us, we can price the project up for you.